Fintechlabs, From 12th to 14th of May in Paris, 50 hoursto create a Fintech startup !





Fintech Labs?

At Fintech Labs, a 50-hours innovation challenge, a hundred talents and brilliant minds will meet to rethink and revolutionize the Fintech domain for future generations.

You will have the opportunity to pitch awesome innovative ideas, to form teams with diverse and complementary skills, to live the beginnings of a great entrepreneurial adventure and to try to win the awards that will allow you to launch your project.

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Projects accelerator

Be part of the creation of a project from scratch. Pitch your idea or join a team and get things done ! And if you are already an early-stage startup, bring your team and enjoy of the weekend to boost your project.

Networking opportunity

The labs are a call to action for building strong relationships in a way to find the right talents and skills among the 100 participants. Within your complementary team, you will be promptly encouraged to
unveil your skills and test if you are made to work together.

Entrepreneurs builder

Discover the entrepreneuship mindset in a fun and friendly atmosphere.
Get out of your comfort zone, share knowledge, and learn from other

Fintech Challenges


Opening up infinite fields of innovation in finance. 

Quality analysis and automation of decision-making based on algotithmic models and the multiplication of data resources.  


Establish a platform to reconcile the transaction with its author and / or its beneficiary.

How to get out of the constraints of the network and traditional banking infrastructures? For now, the only limit of the blockchain is your imagination..


Or the AI applied to the regulation.
Remove the human factor from the decision chain.

The most disruptive technology, requiring a complex set of algorithms and machine learning to recognize models, predict future outcomes and make decisions.


Prestigious professionals: investors, entrepreneurs or experts in Fintech.

David Giblas, directeur Digital et data

David Giblas

Directeur Digital & Data
Malakoff Médéric 

Jean-Christophe Labarre

 Directeur Innovation et Partenariats

RCI Bank and Services

Philippe Collombel

Partech Ventures

Caroline Thelier

General manager


Matthieu Somekh

Directeur de l’incubateur

Ecole Polytechnique

Nofel Goulli

Partner pole Technologie



Experts in Entrepreneurship, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, Product Launch and Business Plan. They will give you all the keys to success.

Jean-Michel Pailhon

Fintech Strategic Advisor 

Chief entrepreneur and CFO 

Clément Boulais


Anne Sophie Godon Directrice Innovation & Veille

Anne Sophie Godon

Directrice Innovation & Veille

Malakoff Médéric

Miko Zakrzewski

Marketing Partnership Manager


Manon Daher

Responsable de departement 

Renault SCOPE

Julien Creuzé

Directeur d’investissements

BlackFin Capital Partner

Jérôme Vincent

Manager Consultant

Alexandre Velut

CEO & Cofounder

Anthony Alexander Beresford

Growth France


Nicolas Marchandise



Olivier Godement Stripe

Olivier Godement

Startup lead

Julien Bouteloup

Blockchain and IA développeur

Xavier Gomez

COO & Cofounder


Vivien Ruivaco

Entreprise Sales Braintree 


Florence Louis Joseph

Head of Legal Southern  Legal


Ivan Rignault Directeur Digital

Ivan Rignault

Directeur Digital
Malakoff Médéric

Vincent Viollain

Head of Partnerships
Viva Technology

Binta Rodrigues

Value-Up Pilot, Corporate Secretary and Risk  Control Division

RCI Bank and Services

Anne Bini

Associate Director


More Mentors

To be announced


Can you participate ?

Anyone motivated to improve the world of Fintech can participate. Whether you are a developer, a designer or a non-technical profile, a student or a professionalalone or in a teamwith or without a project, join us !


Technical expert

Developer, data scientist, maker or Engineer, you feel comfortable with the technical side and you are eager to use your knowledge to make a prototype.


Business expert

No, you don’t have a properly speaking technical profile but you definitely know how to create value for a company and to rock it. Finance, communication, marketing, law, supply chain, manager, entrepreneurship or even simple curious.


Fintech experts

Fintech, Insurtech, Blockchain or expert in AI, you feel comfortable with the technical side and you are eager to use your knowledge to make a prototype.


Creative mind & Designers

You are a creative mind, a UI designer, a UX designer or a graphic designer and you want to use your skills to design an easy and effective user experience.


Opening at 6 pm

  • Ice Breakers
  • 20 Elevator Pitches
  • Voting : 15 projects selected
  • Team Forming
  • Keynote ” Entrepreneur Mindset “
  • Workshop ” Entrepreneur mindset”

Opening at 9:30 am

  • Work & Learn (all day)
  • Workshops with experts
  • Coaching by category experts and VC investors
  • Mentoring by AI entrepreneurs
  • Building prototypes
  • Feedback sessions
  • Inspiring Keynotes

Opening at 9:30 am

  • Pitch training with « Ecole du Pitch »
  • Present final pitches to judges
  • Closing ceremony
  • Networking cocktail

Le lieu

Liberte Living Lab

9 rue d’Alexandre, 75 002 PARIS

Liberte Living-Lab

Signature Partenaires


Startups & Medias

A word from the founders

I have been helping 6000 entrepreneurs to make their dream of creating a startup come true for the last 7 years. Through events dedicated to aspiring entrepreneurs, we contribute to change the world.

Damien Gromier

I have been coaching thousands of students, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in order to transform their ideas into projects and help them going a step further. Our concern is to make things happen and evolve to, progressively, change the world.

Lorenzo Croati

Organizing Team

Emma Le Goff, project manager

Emma Le Goff

Project Manager
Startup Inside

Nathan Sexer

Fintech Reporter

Emma Sezen

Fintech lover 

Pauline Amezal

Chef de projet
Startup Inside


Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur l’évènement.

What’s Labs?

The Labs events are 50-hour innovation challenges during which a hundred participants will have the opportunity to carry out projects, to form teams with diverse and complementary skills, to live the beginnings, including the ups and downs, of a potential entrepreneurial adventure and to try to win the awards that will allow them to embark on a new adventure.

Create an exciting proposal with a versatile team in 50 hours. Win prizes and support, have fun, meet other talented people, get out of your comfort zone and learn new skills, network with influential people in the industry, test your ability to manage a project, join a team, work intensively in limited time etc.

In short, possibilities are endless, just come to have fun with us, give the best and you’ll find what you came for !

What kind of solution I can pitch?

Everything you want ! We deliberately have the theme and the target broad enough to allow attendees to come up with ideas as disruptive and as innovative as possible.

The term « Fintech » combines the words « finance » and « technology »: it means an innovative startup or organization that uses technology to rethink financial and banking services.

What are the evaluation criteria?

The jury is composed of finance experts, founders of Startup and VC. The criteria for winners will be based on:

  • User experience. Does the target user want to use it? Does this solution meet a real need?
  • Business plan, potential time and money saving for the customer. Is this proposal feasible and viable?
  • Quality of the prototype, does it work?
  • Quality of the pitch, can you sell it?
Does the idea belong to my team?

Yes, your idea and project belong to you. It’s up to you to do something at the end of this weekend, with your team or part of the team.

We do not claim any intellectual property. We simply want to help you realize your projects and your dreams and support you as best as we can by putting a little boost and spotlight.

Pratical information

To register to our event: nothing easier, just take your ticket at

The price is fixed at: 45€ for students and 90€ for professionals.

This registration is subject to a fee for several reasons :

  • To contribute to expenses incurred to organize this event: mainly the reservation of the venue and the catering (you will have all your meals offered, as well as drinks, candies, coffee and energy drinks available all weekend), supplies, and related services (security, cleaning, etc.).
  • To commit people and make this challenge definitely qualitative : places are limited and we want the most motivated and passioned people to attend ! Are you in?The venue does not close: you will be free to be there for 50 hours non-stop. Most courageous people will work all night long, and you will be free to leave at the time you want. We encourage you to bring your sleeping bag (or anything you like and that you find comfortable).


Restez en contact en nous suivant sur différents réseaux sociaux et n’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez des questions, nous serons ravis de vous répondre dans les meilleurs délais!

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